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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chevrolet Looks to Tim Sattler of Banks Chevrolet for Inventory Answers

 Chevrolet’s corporate analysts sought out Tim Sattler, Inventory Ordering Manager at Banks Chevrolet in Concord, NH, for advice on improving ordering operations. He was one of a select few across the country that were asked to assist in this Chevrolet management project. During an in-depth series of interviews, Sattler discussed the successful operations and customer satisfaction strategies used at Banks.

“It doesn't feel like rocket science to us,” said Sattler. “It's just a matter of taking the time to do a good job on each and every vehicle ordered.”

Sattler provided insight into ordering and how different configurations and options resonate with customers online and in the showroom. Chevrolet’s objective was to understand what factors drive decision making for vehicle ordering. This includes coming to the right mix of models and trim levels, how each one is specifically equipped, and what options and colors make the most sense. Sattler explained the effects of having too many or too few buyer options and how that can impact sales.

A few key factors have led to the success in ordering and stocking at Banks. First, Tracy Banks, owner of Banks Chevrolet, has always understood the concept that a dealer cannot sell from an empty shelf, so she makes enough financial resources available so that Banks can stock a large inventory of vehicles. Secondly, the management team has years of experience and while it’s sometimes a moving target in a volatile marketplace, they have a good understanding of what's going on in the market, what the competition is doing, and what trends will be important to customers. Additionally, Banks has dedicated a single person with the primary role of ordering all inventories, which allows focus and eliminates distractions. Most importantly, Banks listens to what their customers are looking for, and will make the appropriate adjustments to better meet customer expectations.

“Using these methods as well as our internal data and the tools General Motors provides, we strive to have the right vehicle in stock for every customer,” said Sattler. “When we don't, we have good relationships with many other dealers so that we can bring one in. When we do this, we consider whether this located configuration is something we should stock ourselves, and modify our ordering as appropriate.”

Chevrolet will put this information to use as they continue to work to improve vehicle configurations to best meet the wants and needs of the customer without offering too many choices. GM and Chevrolet are sincerely focused on constantly improving their operations by minimizing customer confusion when selecting a vehicle, increasing satisfaction with the purchasing process, and thus increasing sales.